On The Shelf: @BongoComics August 2016 Solicitations

Bongo CC

(W) Ian Boothby
(A) James Lloyd, Andrew Pepoy
(CA) Jason Ho & Various
When President Nixon discovers that the population is getting too smart to re-elect him again, he gets Dr. Wernstrom to create a machine that will make everyone stupider until Election Day. However, the Dumbsday device affects everyone but Fry, making him “the smartest man in the world.”
Item Code: JUN161214
In Shops: 8/24/2016
SRP: $3.99


(W) Ian Boothby, Max Davison
(A) Nina Matsumoto, Matt Hebb
(CA) Jason Ho & Various
Mayor Quimby turns Springfield’s super-heroes against one another when he offers a reward to costumed crusaders who reveal their secret identities, leading Bartman and Houseboy to take different sides in an “uncivil” war. Then Duff Industries develops a new energy drink, and with a new marketing campaign comes the need for a new mascot. Oh yeah! It’s Homer Simpson’s time to shine.
Item Code: JUN161215
In Shops: 8/17/2016
SRP: $3.99


(W) Chuck Dixon, Corey Barba
(A) Raul, Gregg Schigiel
(CA) Raul
Mr. Krabs has run out of the salty salt he applies to Krabby Patties (for maximum beverage sales)! He and SpongeBob must venture to Bitter Flats, the driest part of the sea, for a new shaker full, but a Grizzly Sea Bear, a treacherous mine, and a mysterious stranger all stand in Krusty commerce’s way in a story Chuck Dixon had to call “Dry Noon!” Also: Can Sandy and SpongeBob tame the majestic wild sea horse known as Sprinkles? Plus: SpongeFunnies, ocean facts, Squidward’s musical nightmare, and something called a Nudibranch Ranch!
Item Code: JUN161216
In Shops: 8/10/2016
SRP: $3.99

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