On Screen: Booster Gold headed to the Big Screen


Some time last year rumors were floating around that DC and Warner Bros were was developing another addition to the list of DC Films.  Well news has dropped that these rumors just might be true, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter and producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Flash) confirmed that he is attached to the project and would like to also direct it.

“I’m attached to a few films [at Warner Bros.] now, and one, Booster Gold, is a DC property. Zack Stentz, who wrote an episode of Flash last year, just got the job, so he’s writing the script now. I’d probably direct that, or I would want to.”

Now many fans know that  Booster Gold has a great friendship with the Blue Beetle and unfortunately Berlanti made no mention of Blue Beetle as taking part in the film as previous rumors were suggesting, but then the film is in development and who know what could happen.

For those of you unfamiliar with Booster he was created by Dan Jurgens in 1986 and had his own series. Booster Gold is the alter ego of Michael Jon Carter, a resident of the 25th century who travels back in time to the present day DC Universe.  Once in our time line he uses the technology of the future to become a hero, but is more interested in endorsements and self promotion.

No word on who will play Booster in the upcoming film, but I am sure we all have someone in mind.  What do you think about Booster coming to the big screen? Let us know in the comment section below.