Game On: Shinobi Headed to Hollywood

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Shinobi is and was a side-scrolling action game produced by Sega that was originally released for arcades back in 1987. In Shinobi, the player controls a modern-day ninja named Joe Musashi who goes on a mission to rescue his kidnapped students from a group of terrorists. Sounds like a good time right? Well Shinobi is now in development for the big screen thanks to Sega and producer Marc Platt (Wanted, Drive). Platt explains that:

“We love the Shinobi games and believe that the world of ninjas has never been properly explored onscreen. We now have the opportunity to do just that. With Shinobi, we hope to make a film that honors the essence of the games and brings this fascinating world to life for moviegoing audiences.”

Now this is just in the development stage and we will have to see what happens, but it seems that Sega is looking to take some of their intellectual properties and get them on the big screen and on the home screen.  Several other properties besides Shinobi are in the works from Sega including Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter and Crazy Taxi.

I personally have never played Shinobi because we were a Atari and Nintendo household, but I excited that new projects are being made and not the same old re-boots.  What do you think about Sega and their attempts to produce TV and movies? Let us know in the comment section below.

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