Press Release: @BoomStudios Preview of Cluster Trade Paperback #1


What’s to Love: Sons of Anarchy collaborators Ed Brisson (Sheltered, Batman & Robin Eternal) and Damian Couceiro (Murder Book) are no strangers to rich, flawed characters with criminal backgrounds. This time they’re taking to the stars in this futuristic, sci-fi adventure filled with old-school, hard-boiled action.
What It Is: In the distant future, as mankind discovers life on other planets, it needs soldiers to defend its colonies across the stars. In order to increase the number of boots on the ground, criminals are offered the opportunity to serve in the place of incarceration. When a rag-tag group of prisoners become stranded on a war-torn planet, they’ll need to work together to survive and uncover the truth behind Earth’s role in deep space. Collects the complete limited series, issues #1-8.

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Written by  Ed Brisson and Art by Damian Couceiro.  Cluster Trade Paperback is On The Shelf April 27, 2016.  Will this be on your pull list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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