First Look: Review of @ValiantComics Faith #4 by Jody Houser

First Look Review of @ValiantComics Faith #4 by Jody Houser

I’m always on the lookout for unique takes on old story types. We all know how the good guys always win, how knights save the downtrodden, how superheroes are all muscled up, fit, and ready to take down the bad guy. That’s cool. I like stories like that. But, sometimes, I want something completely new.

So, when Valiant sent us geeks at Constant Collectible a few copies of their comics for review, I saw the cover for Faith #4 by Jody Houser and broke into a grin. Here, finally, was an extremely rare take on female superheroes. It’s awesome:

Faith #4 by Jody Houser

I sat down right then and there and read the entire thing. My thoughts? I loved it. Let me explain why:

Faith is amazing. She’s a complete nerd: She loves comic books, playing video games, and watching sci-fi movies. Having always been fascinated with superheroes, imagine her surprise when she learns that she is a psiot: a person with the potential for incredible abilities. When her powers are activated, she can fly and move objects with her mind. A blogger by day and aspiring superhero by night, Faith finds herself in the middle of a superhero story far more interesting than anything she’s ever read in a comic or seen on TV.

In comic #4, Faith is up against a crazy murder cult who have been kidnapping and taking control of potential psiots. Leveling up on fighting skills, inspirational speech-making, and witty banter, she must stop the cult and save a friend who’s been caught up in their brainwashing.

This comic was an insane amount of fun to read. What made Faith such a unique character is that she’s a superhero, yes, but she’s also a fan. She likes Star Wars, thinks about situations in video game terms, and is just a teen trying to find her place. She’s hilarious, has a heart of gold, and is extremely easy to relate to.

Faith Flying

I also like the fact that her weight is not the point of the story: She’s plus-sized, but so what? The comic book doesn’t dwell on it, she’s confident in herself, and she’s out to save the world. She just doesn’t need a skinny Wonder Woman waist to do it.

The sense of humor in the story is brilliant. I had a smirk on my face the entire time I was reading it. I liked the artwork: Nothing over the top, just solid work and easy to follow. The supporting characters each had distinct personalities, and the dialogue between them felt very natural. And I know I already mentioned this before, but Faith rocks. Seriously. She’s a great character.

Brainwashing Faith #4

As far as content goes, Faith is a great role-model and the comic is very clean: No blood splatters, sex, or language. It’s something that people of any age can read.

I highly recommend this comic book. It’s #4 or 4 and is going to be released on April 27th. You should get a copy. Seriously. Faith is the kind of character that will make an immediate fan of any reader, no matter how casual.

Valiant will be releasing a trade paperback of  #1-4 on July 5th. It’s called Faith Volume 1: Hollywood and Vine and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

Have you read Faith #4? What about the other 3? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

First Look Review of @ValiantComics Faith #4 by Jody Houser

This copy was supplied by Valiant Comics in exchange for a free review. All thoughts are my own.


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  1. Oh, I might have to stop by my local comic shop and pick it up! Sounds really good! I’m in awe that this take on super heroes isn’t done more often. Imagine a nerd finding out that they can be like the characters they idolize. Great concept.

    Also, body positivity and realism. Big thumbs up.

    1. Yay! You should. I think you’ll enjoy it. And yes, I also love character types where the nerds become part of the world they nerd out about. It makes me smile.

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