Deep Thoughts: “That’s No Moon”

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Disney has announced their newest Star Wars experience and it will be taking over Spaceship Earth.  Spokesperson Jess Kedding commented, “Surveys have consistently revealed a strong demand from guests for a much larger Star Wars presence in the Disney World parks. Without question, this is the logical next step for the Star Wars franchise. After all, I think most people have probably already realized how much Spaceship Earth resembles the Death Star. Not to mention, the Death Star is a spaceship so the connection is fairly obvious.”

Work on the refurbishment of Spaceship Earth will begin in August of this year and will last 18 months to complete. This will be the most extensive refurbishment of Spaceship Earth to date.  In addition to the ride make over contractors will also be replacing all exterior panels in order to make it fully operational. The grand opening of the new Star Wars themed ride will coincide with the anniversary of the release of the original movie, February 30th, 2018.

There are several rumors going around, but it would seem likely that since declining numbers to such surrounding attractions as Ellen’s Energy Adventure and Living we could see more than what is planned for the ride.  Inside the new Death Star, the ride will move guests scene by scene through the story of the original Star Wars trilogy beginning on Mos Eisley to the final climatic battle aboard the Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

Kedding went on to say “This is just the beginning for the march of the Star Wars empire, “Fans can expect further demonstrations of the awesome power of this fully operational franchise!”

Now I have never been to Epcot, but I now know that a trip needs to be planned.  What do you think about the make over? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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