On The Shelf: DC Rebirth Announcements Summarized

What a time is being had at Wondercon this year! DC Comics pulled out all the stops and image3created on of the best expose Panels we have ever seen. For the sake of you understanding the scope of this, the image to the right is all of the artists and writers involved in the panel. Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, and Geoff Johns treated the panel as a series of feature interviews. They separated out the Batman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Justice League, and suicide squad titles into groups of interviewees followed by a speed force run down of unrelated titles as explained by Geoff.

The apex of the panel was “What is Rebirth”. Geoff began by answering Dan and Jim’s questions regarding his flagship title leading this rebirth. For only $2.99, we can all find out some insanely huge secrets of the DC universe in 80 pages. This one shot title is named for the soft reboot, and shares a heritage with the Flash and Green Lantern rebirths Johns had done in the past.

image1Dan described this effort by warmly explaining that”We want to show that we love these stories as much as you do”. This is not a reboot, but a line wide adaptation of the concept Grant Morrison brought to the multiverse… It is all one cohesive story. Geoff called actual reboots not only lazy, but boring. He is a bigger fan of DC continuity than any of us will ever be, so it seems appropriate to leave this in his hands.


What does his interaction here and in the Justice League title mean for the future of the DC universe? I truly came to an understanding that this new era will be what they had hoped DC you would be… an opportunity for creators to do what they need to make great stories that embrace the rich heritage of the entire library of DC comics. This event is really just a way for DC to give a fictional reasoning behind why they are branching off in new directions and muddying the waters between pre-New 52 stories and the new universe.

This panel also featured the announcement that books will be $2.99 a piece from this point forward! Jim Lee made it clear as well that a concerted effort is being made to produce better content in larger amounts at lower prices. The team feels that this will increase the amount of monthly readers across the board, and twice monthly books will now be handled by artist duos who have similar story telling styles. Jim himself has teamed up with Phillip Tan to tackle a Suicide Squad bi-monthly title!

As always, we will be here to keep you posted, and expect a review of John’s flagship as soon as we get our hands on it May 25th!


Below is a list of some of the most exciting titles coming Soon!

Batman Drawn by John Remida, Jr.and written by SCOTT SNYDER!

Cyborg written by John Semper (static shock cartoon)

Greg Rucka writing Wonder Woman

Bernard Chang brings back TERRY MCGUINESS in Batman Beyond


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