Game On: The Inquisitor’s TIE Fighter!

Game On: The Inquisitor’s TIE Fighter!

Game on old friend! So, I received my latest Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures expansion pack yesterday, The Inquisitor’s TIE! For those of you who are questioning why I capitalized “TIE” it’s because it stands for Twin Ion Engine. Most fans know why, but some of you may be new to our badass universe, which is why I’m here to guide you. And no, you can’t hold my hand through these journey’s. Well, maybe a couple of you can…. you know who you are.

How weird is it that I actually started this review with a TRON reference? Moving on….. So I snapped several photo’s while I was unpacking it and of all the goods included within. Several pieces are of note and I’ll go over these as I go. So, here goes.



Basic packaging here… DUH! Now, I didn’t take a pic of the outside with the label on it. Couldn’t show everyone where my office away from the office is located. I mean c’mon, not everyone in Gotham knows where the Batcave is. Plus, I might have some stalkers out there……. maybe?



Ok, here’s a good shot of the front. If you’ve been watching the Disney Channels TV show “Rebels” then you’ll recognize the ship. If you haven’t then, once again, get to watching. I’ve already stated a few times that it’s worth watching. I’m currently directing my evil stare at Ms. Hannah and Ms. Metzler. You two had better be watching now or I’m going to resort to drastic Clockwork Orange tactics.




This is just another picture of the packaging with the cards and ship outside of the case.


This picture shows everything out of their individual protective wrappings and the TIE Fighter attached to its stand.

Now, here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty of it all. As some of you may know, each expansion ships, along with the starter kits come with a set of playing cards. These cards usually include the following; pilots, a maneuvering dial, and various ship upgrades. This is where it can get pretty complicated. If you would like a tutorial on how this game is played, watch this Video.

Not every ship comes with the same upgrades. As a matter of fact, the upgrades which are assigned to one specific ship aren’t assigned to every other ship that you buy. So, to maximize your ship builds you actually want to buy various other expansion packs, and yes this gets a little pricey. But it’s oh so damn fun!


I’ve been waiting for this expansion pack for these specific cards for various reasons.

First off, the pilot card on the left is really neat. His personal “skill” trait located in the center of the card states “When attacking with your primary weapon at Range 2-3, treat the range attack as Range 1. This is an awesome trait to have for two great reasons, when at maximum range, the defender does NOT get an extra defensive dice AND you gain an extra offensive dice. I actually had to get a clarification on the company’s FAQ section of their website. Totally sweet!

Secondly, the “Deadeye” card opens up all kinds of possibilities with not having to use a target lock to launch missiles or any other secondary weapons. I have a couple of ships in mind to attach that to. I can’t say, cause one of my opponents reads these posts…. SHARK!

Thirdly, the Guidance Chips card basically adds a hit and almost guarantees a hit on the opposing ship (if their rolling dice skills suck).

And finally, the TIE/v1 card just adds an extra maneuver during game play. Extra maneuvers can help out immensely!


The above card comes with this expansion and I’m mentioning it because it looks like a great card for something “bigger”. Or if you’re moving all your ships in a close squad, you can use this to make all of your ships get a target lock on one for a quick kill. maybe I shouldn’t have said that…… hmmmmmm.


Finally, I threw this one on here because if you couple this pilot with the other bonus card (TIE/v1), then you stand to get two free actions in a single round. Very appetizing!!


I’m overjoyed with this latest addition to my collection. The cards alone are worth the buy. I have a couple more ships coming in soon too. Can’t wait to get these on the board and get some play time in.

Anyone else out there playing? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this. Hannah, get some ships!! Lets play!

As always folks, love to hear from you. Blessings and cheers to you all!!


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