Deep Thoughts: Happy Saint Patrick’s day… The Green Team extend their condolences 


Happy Saint Patrick’s day collectors. I’m sure many of you will be eating corn beef and cabbage, drinking green beer, and wearing green. For this holiday celebrating Ireland’s first connection with Christianity, we have a lot of Irish themed revelry, so today, go online or to your local shop to pick up a much underrated book from DC Comics… The Green team.


This ragtag group of teenaged Trillionaires was not picked up by many readers due to a wide held perspective that these 1%ers would be Less than relatable. I implore you, though, try out the first three issues. They have money, and they are all dimented and fun characters in their own ways. 

If nothing else, pick this up because they buy superhero garb. From the batmobile to an Internet controlled car, the tools for fighting crime alone make this story worth the read!

We bring this up today because on Saint Patrick’s day, a day where we celebrate a man who, despite being enslaved by the Irish, returned to them to share good news, I implore you to forgo your judgement on the rich to read this story. Let us embrace that spirit of putting aside the slights against us. The shady things rich people may be doing in our society should in no way hinder sales of this incredible book. 

This is raw comic bookery, and if you like big outlandish stories, look no further! Happy Saint Patrick’s day everyone!