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Convention Connection: Everything about C2E2… EVERYTHING 

What is happening at C2E2? We are going to be wetting your whistle weather you are at this con with us or not. Our very own Johnny Savage (me) will be touring the floor, interviewing, and attending panels! For the complete hook ups, click the links below, or type Kopijo into any social media site!

I will be posting a full schedule of the shenanigans we will be getting into tomorrow! As for now, know that Friday begins with meeting artists and writers, and we will be feeding the live feeds through periscope!

For Twitter updates, click here

All videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Chanel, click here to view all of that juicy goodness.

For the Pinterest board with cosplay photos, click here

Click here for the main page of Constant Collectible



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A big Comic Book Nerd and Expert Dungeon Master! I love to help people and I write all of the time. From stories to articles I storm the internet with the vengeful wrath of one who actually enjoys life!

Being a husband and father has really changed my perspective on this hobby and I am so grateful to the artists and writers for creating content for us who have now grown up a bit!

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