The Toy Box: Mezco brings us the Scarlet Speedster and possibly more.

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MezcoToyz continue to release great figure under their ONE:12 Collection and soon the Scarlet Speedster will join Batman, Judge Dredd, Kurt, Spock, Shazam, Green Arrow and many others.  On the Mezco Blog Let gave us a sneak peek on The Flash.

“Here is a peek at DC’s scarlet speedster, the Flash. What you see here is some of our initial concept art, the digital sculpt work, and a shot from our 2016 One:12 Collective catalog.One of the things we focused on with the Flash was trying to design his shoes so they made sense for a runner. There’s more to reveal on this action figure and we’ll bring you up to—ahem—speed on that soon.~ Mez”

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Mezco also is in the process of getting approval for several Marvel characters.  Mezco is looking to add Deadpool, Spider-man and The Red Skull.

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Mezco continues to amaze me with their figures.  I have seen several of them up close and they are so much better looking than their pictures.  The Flash is One I think I will need to add to my wishlist, but they do go fast.  What do you think about the addition of The Flash? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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