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On the screen: Spider-Man in the new Capt. America Civil War Trailer

  If you don’t read comic books, you might be surprised to learn the the up-coming Captain America movie is roughly based on a comic story arch. Civil War’s dichotomy of civil liberties and civilian safety span one of the most prolific stories of our generation. At the heart of this narrative was the wall crawler so many know as the young funny if decheveled Peter Parker.

This film seems to be relying heavily on the source material. Early in development, though, Spider-man was still under the film rights of Sony Pictures. This led Marvel to considering using Black Panter as the swinging point of the movie. Thankfully, though, Spider Man was aquired due to some missteps on Sony’s part. 

You need to understand that while Black Panther is one of the most interesting character designs and personality in Comics. He is an Ivy League king from a nation that relies on ancient alien technology and vibranium to stay isolationist. He runs away with the family suit used to protect the country to become a super hero.

This character offers pure gold, but as for Spider-man’s role in the story, a young kid needs to get behind Tony before realizing the Capt is right. This turncoat maneuver is only endearing so long as the character is naive, and Black Panther is not naive to how the world works in any stretch of the imagination. 

With this in mind, enjoy the trailer below, and watch the “10 things you missed” video linked below that!

The trailer!

10 Things you missed

See you 5/06/2016


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