On Screen: “SSSSPPPPOOOONNNN” Tick makes a comeback

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Deadline has broken the news that a Live Action Tick show will be hitting Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Here is what we know:

“In the new incarnation, the blue suit-wearing Tick is recovering from a memory loss. He ends up re-teaming with Arthur to fight evil. Newman’s Arthur, played in the Fox series by David Burke, had been labeled as a schizophrenic because of his statements that evil plans to rule the city, and no one believes him until he runs into Tick. Curry’s Dot Everest is a nurse who loves her brother Arthur to death and worries about him.”

If you’re not familiar with The Tick The Tick was created by cartoonist Ben Edlund in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for the New England Comics chain of Boston area comic stores. He is an absurdistspoof of comic book superheroes. After its creation, the character spun off into an independent comic book series in 1988, and gained mainstream popularity through an animated TV series on Fox in 1994. A short-lived live-action TV series, video game, and various merchandise have also been based on the character.



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Unfortunately The Tick has not been on TV screens for more than two months and I can not wait for the return.  I am however sad that Patrick Warburton will not reprise his role as the Cities Destined Protector.  How do you feel about the return? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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