Convention Connection: C2E2 livestream announcement

Hello Collectors,

Get ready for a rip roaring trip March 18th-20th!!! C2E2 is the best convention this side of a comic book page (see Harley Quinn goes to Comic Con for a better one). C2E2 is the place where you have the best access to creators. The smaller turn out and the huge city create an amazing scenario in which you get to really meet and talk to the artists and writers.

If you can’t make it, though, Constant Collectible will be there. That’s right, Constant Collectible will be keeping you up to date live!

This Wednesday We will post our schedule, but for now, view the exhibitors, peruse artist alley, and check the panel schedule below!


The Artists:

The Exhibitors:


Chicago’s Pop Culture Event – C2E2 Constant Collectible will be live posting all throughout the panels, Cos-play, and artists!


  1. Yes, yes, yes….. I released Johnny from his protective cell…… Now he’s roaming the country side on his way to C2E2 devouring the poor souls he encounters! Viva La Johnny!

      1. The ground you fool!!! Bury yourself in the ground!!! Have I taught you nothing?!

  2. As our Quiplash kickstarter campaign winds down there s only 5 hours left to join in the fun and back the project we re excited to announce that we will be debuting the game on the C2E2 Live Main Stage.

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