Susannah’s Film Facts – “Score: A Film Music Documentary”

Ever wondered about the importance of film music in movies? Why is it there, what does it do, how is it made? How do a few notes on a keyboard eventually become an overpowering, sweeping orchestral score?

Calling all music lovers and movie fanatics! I am very excited to announce here that a new film is coming out very soon called Score: A Film Music Documentary. It’s been out on the news for quite some time and the shooting started way back in August 2014 … I think it’s about time to give you all a heads up on what to expect with this documentary.

The purpose for this movie is to introduce to the audience the hidden world of the film score. We don’t often pay attention to movie scores much as we are always engrossed on what we see on the screen. However, the music helps us watch the movie, even though we don’t realize it; it helps with the most dramatic climatic moments and makes them stand out. This is one of the main purposes for Score, which will give us plenty of behind the scenes of the film score and why and how it is made, and will delve into the creative process of making the film score.


What I am most looking forward to are the interviews with the composers themselves! We get to hear what they have to say themselves on their iconic scores in history. Those who will be interviewed are as follows (film score composers are in bold): Hans Zimmer (Inception), Danny Elfman (Alice in Wonderland), John Powell, (How to Train Your Dragon), Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings), John Debney (Star Trek: Next Generation), Marco Beltrami (Scream), Patrick Doyle (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy), Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class), Christophe Beck (Frozen), David Newman (Ice Age), Richard Sherman (Jungle Book), Garry Marshall (director of Happy Days), Leonard Maltin (film critic and historian), Christopher Lennertz (Supernatural), John Burlingame (film music historian), Giorgio Morodor (Scarface), Christopher Young (Spiderman 3), Conrad Pope (has conducted Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park), Buck Sanders (World War Z), Deborah Lurie (Footloose), Penka Kouneva (Elysium), Dave Eward (violinist for Titanic), Amos Newman (film music agent), Shawn Lemone (vice president of film and TV, ASCAP), Patrick Russ (president, film music foundation), and Daniel Schweiger (on the Score podcast, Film Music magazine).

So they’re not interviewing John Williams? That’s what it looks like, but they will have archive footage of him.

The world needs this documentary. The whole process of making the film score is a very long, hard process, and, most likely the majority of the population knows very little about what goes on behind the scenes, about the people who compose and produce this music who deserve an important place in pop, media, and entertainment culture. Finally we’ll officially be introduced to this film department that has so long been left in the dark. We’ll get to find out about things such as Disney’s Frozen originally having a darker score, how the soundtrack for World War Z caused it to bump up to an R rating from the original PG-13, and how Steven Spielburg changed about E. T.’s famous across-the-moon shot so that John Williams could write music for it.

View the trailer below…

You can view more information here on the site and visit their campaign project on Indiegogo. This documentary is a post production campaign and is raising money for the filming and editing and for improving the documentary and entering in award festivals. 18 bucks for your name in the credits and 25 bucks for an HD download once it is released!

Release Date: November 18, 2016


I know I for one want to see this. Are you interested in film scores and film behind the scenes? This documentary is also for you, as well as for anyone who is willing to learn about what goes on behind the screen.

S. M. Metzler – Tea with Tumnus



  1. I absolutely love film scores, and this is wonderful news indeed! Some of my favorite composers are missing from the interviewee list, but what a fantastic list it is nonetheless!

    1. Thanks! It looks like it’s going to be a good documentary. I was surprised to see how many awesome composers they didn’t list and was disappointed that John Williams wasn’t. But we shall see!

  2. Awesome job as always! So excited for this movie and i’m guessing that several of those being interviewed idolize Mr. Williams.

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