Casting Call: #TheWalkingDead has revealed Xander Berkeley’s role.


Xander Berkeley‘s ( The Booth at the End) role on The Walking Dead has been revealed. Xander was cast back in September 2015, but it was unclear who he would play.  Xander will play Gregory. Gregory is the extremely vain and self-absorbed leader of the Hilltop Colony. His cowardly nature is known by many people at the Hilltop, yet they still believe him to be the best leader they have.


Gregory is described as:

“relishing the superiority that comes with being in control, but he plays it off with a car salesman-type charm.”

It looks like Xander will be on the show for the long haul.  We will meet Gregory during the second half of season six, which is set to return on February 14, 2016. Xander has inked a deal as a season regular with a seventh season option.

Season six looks to get even more intense than it already is and could spell some rough times for Maggie and Glenn.

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