Film Friday: Ninja Turtles-Veterans of the Night


40 years after the war against the Foot, a Japanese ninja clan. Four mysterious veterans are preparing themselves for the fight of their life.

In this fan film created as a thesis project at the Academy of Art University by Miguel Díaz-Rivera.

Director | Writer | Editor | VFX Supervisor | 3D Environment & Prop Modeler | Texture | Lighter | Match Mover | Compositor: Miguel Díaz-Rivera
Produced by: Laura Von Ins & Miguel Díaz-Rivera
Unit Production Manager: Laura Von Ins
Director of Photography | Camera Operator: Omayra Espino Vázquez
Gaffer: Casey McHugh
Assistant Director: Jordi Funtanet
Production Designer: Espen Gjertzen Øydvin
Wardrobe | Makeup: Busara Boussard
Ninja Gauntlets Designed by: Kristina Nestlerode
Sound Engineer | Designer: Napatz Singkarat
Music by: Yurun Wu
Storyboard Artist: Tyler Pinneo
Visual Development: Loy Bouttamy, Gus Reyes, Javier Avendaño & Miguel Díaz-Rivera
Character Modeling Supervisor: Vaughn Smith
Character Modelers: Stephen Stauffer, Wallis Wang, Luis Brigantty, Rose Barry & Joshua Ruiz
Rigging Supervisor: Amy Gohal
Riggers: Jordan Jones & Ksenia Bezrukov
Animators: Alyce Tzue & Alvin Geno
CAST: Casey McHugh, Jacob Fuentes Navarro, Cheree Stewart, Andy Roehl, Paolo Salazar, Anney Chan, Anson Yu, Pete Pan & Joshua Velázquez
Production Assistants: Raiza Centeno, Maya Hernandez, Foam Natnicha, Danyah Aossey & Ksenia Strelets

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