Deep Thoughts: Star Wars and the Power of Costume Comes to Denver


The Denver Art Museum announced that from November 13, 2016 thru April 2, 2017 they will be hosting a new exhibit. Star Wars and the Power of Costume.  The tour has already been through Seattle, Washington at the EMP Museum and New York at Discovery Time Square and now headed to Denver.

Take a unique journey into the Star Wars™ universe as characters are brought to life through a dramatic presentation of more than 60 original costumes. Star Warsand the Power of Costume will closely examine the captivating process of costume design for iconic outfits featured in all seven films of the Star Wars series—from Princess Leia’s unforgettable bikini to Darth Vader’s imposing black armor.

Watch the designers, actors, and George Lucas himself through several exhibition videos. Learn cultural and historic context as interpreted by Smithsonian scholars. Experience the processes of concept artists and costume designers with interactive encounters. Explore the artistry of the world’s most recognized cinematic costumes, including Queen Amidala, Wookiee Chewbacca, X-Wing Pilots, and Droids, including C-3PO and R2-D2.

This exhibition goes beyond the chronological, literary, or filmic order often used to chronicle Star Wars. It focuses instead on the creative process, encompassing the essence of George Lucas’ vision and the exciting challenge of translating his iconic characters into a dynamic reality.

The exhibit will be held in Hamilton Building – Level 2.  Tickets are not yet available, but will go on sale on  (You Guessed It) May 4, 2016. Become a member today for the best ticket price and exclusive opportunities.

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