Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Skies of Dripping Gold

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Skies of Dripping Gold!

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I have a confession to make before I begin this Audit. When I first learned that our lovely fellow contributor Hannah Heath had published her first novelette I was delighted! I was so eager to order it from Amazon ( Yes, i’m plugging it, here’s the link, order it! Open Me! ) and I did right away. Now, you should all know that I’ve never personally met this enchanting young woman, only “The Chief” has. I’ve only heard wondrous tales and read her outstanding reviews on our site. So, I have nothing personal to gain by reviewing this story. I kept a very open mind when I began reading. With that said, off to the Podraces we go!

To begin, I loved the heart felt dedication of the book to the authors parents. So much of who we truly are we obtain from those who raise us, even when we sometimes refuse to admit it.

This story is based and wrapped around two simple concepts, Love and Faith, and more times than not these two beautiful things go hand in hand. Loving someone or something takes at the very least a small amount of faith, but to have faith in whether it being a deity or some other concept takes a tremendous amount of love. Neither love or faith are easy either, as we learn from this tale.

We witness love throughout this entire book. The main character Gabriel loves his sickened sister so much that he literally sacrifices himself mentally, physically, emotionally, and unfortunately spiritually throughout his daily life for her. Yes, his attitude towards everyone other than his sister sucks, but deep down this is truly a great human being. This young man has such immense fortitude and goes to great lengths to constantly fight for his beloved dying sister.

I’m sure most of you have had an experience in your life where you’ve witnessed someone close to you either sick or to pass away and you’ve questioned God as to why them for what ever reason. Maybe they were too young, maybe they were too nice, maybe they gave so much of themselves to others, or maybe just because you loved them so much. This is one of those times, for Gabriel. He constantly questions why his beloved sister Lilly is so sick and why God hasn’t healed here. His faith, which he grew up with, declines steadily throughout the story.

There are many buried contexts within the short story, and there’s one final character that I have not mentioned. I believe that this young man was the true hero of this emotional tale. He gave without hesitation, he helped those in need, he was patient when those around him were not, and with his simple nature he was able to have this tremendous amount of faith. It was he who reminded Gabriel of three important words that inspired him to literally climb a mountain, “It Will Come”. If you’re a Christian then you’ll know that The Lord places people within our paths for a purpose. I believe this young man is there to help Gabriel regain his lost faith.

My Summary

As you all know, I don’t like to give too many plot details away in my reviews. I’ve held back a few in hopes that you’ll pick this dazzling gem up. This novelette is a stunning reminder to us all, no matter what your faith may be or if you don’t have any at all, at how loving we can and should be towards one another. Also, the “Author’s Notes” and “Acknowledgments” section were truly elegant and filled with great wisdom. This is no Padawan leaner folks, but a true Jedi Knight on her way to becoming a Master.

Ms. Heath had me from the first sentence. She’s written such a simple and yet complex short book that I believe deserves reading and praise. I’m highly impressed by the skills this young woman has displayed and look forward to her future published works! Great piece of work Hannah!

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Let’s discuss, chat, and conspire! Blessings and cheers to you all!!


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