Goody’s Publication Audit: A review of The Plucker!

Goody’s Publication Audit: A review of The Plucker!

Yes, yes, yes, I know! This isn’t a Star Wars book!

Cover Art

I was gifted this book a few years back from a good friend of mine and as I type this audit out tonight he and his lovely wife are expecting their second child at any moment. What i’m sure is to be a very beautiful baby girl. So, it’s with great love that I dedicate this review to you little baby Presley! I hope and pray you grow to have a great imagination like your father and your mothers beauty! And with that……. On with the show.

The Plucker is an ingenious book from the renowned fantasy, very dark fantasy, artist named Brom. The quickest and easiest way to describe this entertaining little gem is take the movies Toy Story, Jeepers Creepers, and Constantine. Roll them all up into a ball, throw it against a brick wall, and then pick up the pieces. Yep, it’s that twisted, but a good creative kinda twisted.

The story follows it main character named “Jack”. And by the look of the cover art i’m sure you’ve guessed that out little jester is in fact a Jack In The Box! The plot line starts out a lot like the movie Toy Story in how our main character is no longer played with, he is fact banished to the “underbed”, because his child owner is growing up and no longer wishes to have him around. This is where the two stories part ways and The Plucker takes a savagely hard left turn onto a dark scary road while Toy Story continued on its happy go lucky way.

Our child of the story is a 10 year old boy by the name of Thomas. Now, Thomas (our Andy of the Story) gets all of his wonderful toys from his father, Captain Braxton. Each time his father returns from a voyage he brings home a new toy from a new far off place, and it’s quite the eclectic group of toys he’s amassed.

Things take a serious nose dive for Jack, the other “underbed” residences, and the rooms other toys when Thomas’ dad brings home what he calls “A Spirit Warden” from Africa which was purchased from a witch doctor.  Now, instead of scaring evil spirits away, it brought one in with it and this is where all hell breaks lose.

An enslaved toy picking on a Hula girl doll.

This demon has been encased in this voodoo doll for a very long time, it wants back out into the real world, and it sets its greedy little eyes on possessing our little boy Thomas. Now, the toy and demon realm are the same in this world. So, the best defense for little Thomas is his toys, and the demon knows it. So this evilness begins by killing and spiritually enslaving the other toys under the bed turning them into minions.


Our hero Jack has a run in with one of these beasts and is torn apart. Luckily for Jack, the house maid is this old African woman who can smell the evil spirit when she finds Jacks torn up body. She knows exactly what kind of demon it is since she too had an encounter with one back in Africa when she was younger. She mends Jack and while doing so sews a petrified heart of a copperhead pit viper into his breast which will give him constitution to be strong and mean to seek vengeance against this killer. Jack stops being a toy and becomes a weapon of The Lord as this point on.

Jack, our Hero!!

Now, you all know me, I don’t wanna give too much away. But, rest assured, our Jack goes on one heck of a adventure and vengeful killing spree making his way to his arch nemesis The Plucker!

I highly recommend this book for anyone in their young teens or older. The only reason I hesitate in not saying anyone younger is the language within the book. The story and plot is just outstanding and inspirational, but the use of so many graphic curse words keeps me from giving any sanction to the younger crowd.

The other great part of this illustrated book is that the author did all of his own drawings, and their just magical. I tip my hat at the artistic work.

Angel on a shelf, our Heroes love interest!

I’d like to think that there is a bit of jack in us all. Pick this one up, read it, you’ll enjoy it! As usual, let me know what you think if and when any of you read it, let’s talk! Cheers and blessings to you all!





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