TV Time: The Greatest American Hero

With recent news of Star Trek coming back to TV we now also get on The Greatest American Hero.  According to Deadline The Greatest American Hero will be returning to TV.  Originally aired in 1981on ABC it stared William Katt and Robert Culp about a school teacher who was given a suit by aliens that gave William Katt the ability to become a superhero.  Katts character soon loses the instructional guide and must learn how to use the suit with trial and error.

The new series will be helmed by the writer-director duo of Rick Famuyiwa, Phil Lord & Chris Miller who are behind such successful reboot of 21 Jump Street feature franchise based on another ’80s TV series which was also created by Stephen J. Cannell who was also behind The Greatest American Hero.  Famuyiwa, Lord and Miller will also team up with Cannell’s daughter including television director Tawnia McKiernan. 20th Century Fox TV, where Lord and Miller are under an overall deal, is the studio.

Greatest American Hero

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