Game On: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

On Thursday October 8, 2015 the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront went live on PS4, XBOX One and PC.  During this time the game has been flooded with players who have been anxious in going to battle for the Rebel Scum or the Evil Empire.  The Beta is used because the developer (EA and Dice) are at the last stage of game development where the game is open to every player for a final test to the game and to resolve any issues that people may find.

Sounds great right, well it can be since they crowdsourcing players to find glitches, test servers and much more.  The fun I get out a beta are the fun youtube videos that pop up.  Here are a few of our favorites at the Collectible Compound.

#1 RIP Luke Skywalker by Zephs

#2 Imperial Sniper by SHOSHO

Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta is only available until the 12th of October and after that it is time to wait for the official release date of November 17, 2015.  Happy gaming and if you have found any glitches, funny gameplay or something that just amuses you send it over to or tweet us @C_Collectible


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