From Pages to Screen: Avengers: Infinity War to end the current lineup

I a recent Q&A with Marvel Studios Executive Jeremy Latcham during a press release for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Age of Ultron was revealed that Avengers: Infinity War will act as a conclusion to the current Avengers lineup as we know it:

“I think it definitely is an end to some version of the team that we’ve come to know as The Avengers. Who knows exactly what is going to happen yet in that film, but I think this version of that team—and I think we start to hint at it at the end of Age of Ultron—will be evolving.”

Latcham continues with:

“One of the things we love from the comics is that the roster is always changing and new people are coming onto the team, and you can pick up an Avengers book 10 years later and you don’t recognize the people on the cover. But the ideas and ideals and things that make the Avengers the Avengers still exist, and I think that’s part of what this culmination will be. We’re seeing this version of the team doing this thing to save the universe, the galaxy, however you want to put it, and we’ll kind of see where that goes. It’s not the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think that it is the end of part of it for sure. We’re still trying to sort out that point.”

As a fan of the characters and the movies it is hard to deal with change.  As a society we hate change, but change can be good.  Marvel has a mass amount of characters to pull from and there is the possibility that the best is yet to come.  Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 opens in theaters on May 4, 2018 followed by Part 2 on May 3, 2019 so in the meantime let’s enjoy the upcoming films of phase three and leave the planning to those who have yet to truly disappoint.


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