On The Shelves: Devon Timepieces the #Starwars Edition

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to be released later this year it seems that everyone is jumping into the retail market with some form of Star Wars merchandise.  We have seen toys, clothes household items and now Devon Timepieces is getting into the mix.

Now this is not your everyday time piece and does come with a hefty price tag, but what a timepiece is fantastic.

watch-basedetail-2Darth Vader Mask with Tie Fighter Wingsdetail-3Imperial Crestdetail-4Titanium Fasteners

Watch Specs:

  • 316L stainless steel
  • True black diamond-like coating
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with bulletproof durability
  • Numbered 1-500 on back plate
  • Four interwoven 2-micron thin nylon time belts
  • Lubricant-free ruby bearings
  • Four micro-step motors
  • Multiple high-tech optical recognition cells
  • Temperature-compensated crystal
  • Onboard microprocessor
  • 313 electrical contacts
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable cell
  • Powered for two weeks on one charge
  • Recharge wirelessly through inductive charging tower

This watch retails for $28,000 and can be pre-ordered today with a $2,500 Deposit.  So if you have some pocket change laying around heard over to Devon Timepieces.  The watch can be pre-ordered her: Devon Works Star Wars Pre-Order


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