Film Friday: Max Fleischer’s Superman 1941

On September 26, 1941 Max Fleischer released the first of his seventeen animated Technicolor short films based on the comic book character Superman.

This episode was simply titled Superman AKA the Mad Scientist was nominated for the 1942 Academy Award for Best Short Subject: Cartoons, but lost to Lend a Paw, a Pluto cartoon from Walt Disney Productions and RKO Pictures.

when it comes to the animation Fleischer devised a new concept known as The Rotoscope.  Rotoscope is a process of animating movement by tracing frames of live action film and looks amazing.  In this first episode A mad scientist threatens to turn his ray gun on Metropolis at midnight. Lois flies to his mountain-top lair to get the scoop but is taken hostage. Superman must save her and the Daily Planet after the building is targeted by the ray.

Max Fleischer Superman

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