Artist Alley: Tom Spina Designs

“When The Empire Strikes Back debuted in 1980, fans like us marveled at the movie magic created in the asteroid chase scene.

When a client asked if we could create a custom themed coffee table based on Han Solo’s beloved Millennium Falcon, we decided to make it something special, and bring the classic scene to life.

One of our artists, Richard Riley, took the licensed Hasbro Millennium Falcon toy and a Tie Fighter model kit, gave them movie style paint work and then built them this amazing diorama, made to be topped with a sheet of oval glass to create a custom piece of furniture perfect for this Star Wars fan’s home theater!”

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What you have seen here is a custom made Millennium Falcon coffee table by Richard Riley at Tom Spina Designs. Unfortunately, this is a one of a kind table and you can’t just run out and purchase one for yourself.

The result is 60″ wide, 36″ deep and approximately 20″ tall.

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