Artist Alley: #OurFriendSatan Graphic Novel by Imagomedia

From time to time you come across a project that just peeks your interest and you want to know more.  Our Friend Satan is written by Dominik L. Marzec, Colors and ink by Lukas Lalko and pencil and ink by Michael Murawski.

Our friend Satan “tells a rip roaring story about Satan in the middle of his midlife crisis. He spends his nights strolling around Hell in a bathrobe and drowns his sorrows in Cthulhu Vodka. He’d love to be evil like in the old days, but he has serious troubles meeting the expectations of modern people – he’s simply not bad enough for them. When even his eager allies – Satanists – turn their backs on him, he decides to deal with this once and for all.”



So, are you intrigued yet? if you are head over to Our Friend Satan where you can check out the remaining pages of the first 17 pages of the soon to be graphic novel.  The Guys over at Our Friend Satan also have a Kickstarter project up and running with only a few days left that you just might want to jump on.

Also in the works they have a few ideas of where they want to go and it looks to be a fun ride with a 30 min live action version of the graphic novel.

Here is some of the films music

So do yourself a favor and check them out:

Kicking It Forward:

Our Friend Satan

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