TV Time: Fear the Walking Dead Becomes Most Watched Series Premiere in Cable TV History

Over the past few years AMC has turned out many hits from Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead and now with their second spin off show Fear the Walking Dead has become the most watched series premiere in cable history with 10.1 million viewers.

AMC is now home to three of the most watched series premieres in cable history, with Fear the Walking Dead slips by Better Call Saul, which currently holds the second spot in the rankings with 6.88 million viewers.

The Walking Dead first set a high bar for AMC in 2010 with its 5.35 million premiere haul, not outdone until early 2015 when Better Call Saul hit the airwaves.

Now I have not seen the episode because I am a cord cutter, but I have purchased the season on iTunes and I have to wait a day to watch.  I have tried to stay away from the reports on whether it was good or bad so I can make up my own opinion. Since this is only the first episode I am guessing it will be a little slow due to character development, but it will need to pick up the pace since it is a shortened season with only six episodes. but reports are that it has already been picked up by AMC for a second season of 15 episodes.

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