Deep Thoughts: The New #StarWars Timeline

Over the decades Star Wars has created an expanded universe that has become too vast to control.  With movies, TV, comics, and of course books.  Since this universe was in such disarray and would sometimes contradict other stories Disney decided to change all that.

Below is what is now the new Star Wars Canon. It includes movies, comics, books and TV and now takes us down a new adventure.


* Please Note: the release date for the Han Solo origin film is wrong in the graphic. The film is set to hit theaters on May 25th 2018.

Along Time Ago

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  1. I’ve actually talked to nerds (a term I use with honor) who feel totally slighted, that they spent all this time reading various books etc and now it’s all changed but that’s something that’s fairly common when you have a comic bookish sci fi type franchise. Years pass. People involved move on. New people come in. You didn’t get any less enjoyment out of those stories. At some point the reset button has to be pressed. Either that or you need to appoint some nerd as story master to keep track of the entire timeline and advise whether proposed new movies are in keeping with it. There are probably a lot of nerds who would love to have that job.

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