Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Heir To The Jedi

Goody’s Publication Audit: A Review of Star Wars: Heir To The Jedi


  When Disney officially wiped the so-called slate clean in regards to the expanded universe, we were left with a TON of unknowns in regards to all of our beloved Star Wars characters. Not only characters, but to storylines as well.

Up until now, Del Rey has been doing a superb job in filling in the gaps between the movies with some great character development. For those of you who were looking forward to this book or hoping it was going to be everything that I at least thought it was going to be, get ready…….. It sucked! There ya have it, the level of disappointment I have for this book is unreal. Now I’m sure some of you may be asking…. Goody, you have got to be kidding right? Or….. Goody, why you hatin on my boy Luke? I’m not in fact joking and I’m certainly not hatin on my boy Luke. I actually put this book down, watched the Family Guy Star Wars episode and loved that far more. Ok, maybe that was a little harsh, lol. Although, the Family Guy Star Wars episodes are pretty funny. Allow me to explain.

I didn’t just read this book. I read it three freaking times, yes three times!! I had major doubt about my own personal opinion after reading it the first time that I thought I missed something entirely. So, I read it again and wanted to shoot myself. Then, rethinking my whole theory on that I decided to give the author the benefit of the doubt. So, I read it yet again, but I dissected it page by page as I went, thinking of myself a some sort of trauma surgeon as I went. I was hoping to find the cancerous issue that plagued the book. As it turns out, it was just in fact the book that was cancerous. Ok, I’m being a little harsh. Maybe it was the anticipation of this book. Maybe it was my hope that this was going to be really badass. Obviously I put far too much faith in it before I read it. Sucks for me.

First off, I didn’t care for the first person perspective writing. I normally like it and can appreciate it very much. But, it just didn’t work here. Yes, it worked once before in another Star Wars book, but it fell flat on its face here. Basically, in a nut shell, it was poorly done. If more effort, and yes I said more effort, had been placed on refining the first person perspective it would have been so much better. The author jumps back and forth between formal and informal writing. It’s like Luke had split personalities or something. At times it was like Luke reading a set of stereo instruction on how to fire a weapon or how to fly a ship. It’s like nothing I’ve read before, lol.

Now, before you close my audit let me point out some positives. This is after all my own opinion. You can call me crazy or whatever floats your boat in the comments section below.

Luke’s confidence in his piloting ability has increased considerably since the destruction of the first Death Star. He was always a great pilot and he kind of knew it, but he’s gained an even better perspective of it which is really nice! We don’t experience much of the old farm boy from Tattooine here; we see a far more complex character. Someone who’s done a great deed and sees a better future for himself than he ever did while working on the moisture farm.

I appreciated that the author didn’t try to elevate Luke’s force abilities. I mean let’s face it; his skill is still at a NOOB level. If we were playing a video game he’d be level one, if that. It’s great to see him experiencing his own personal trials in teaching himself in how to use the Force, and he has a lot of support from other characters within the story to help spur him along. In many ways, these other characters give him the self-confidence he really needs.

Luke with his supporting cast.

Speaking of the supporting cast, there’s good and bad here. The new additions were really cool, I enjoyed some of their different personalities and how they interacting with Skywalker. The only issues I had with the new cast are that they all had the same old boiler plate histories. Here we have so and so, they were wronged by the Empire, or better yet, they lost someone to the Empire so they’re out to settle a score, and in the process they want to be placed on the front lines. Really?! You couldn’t do better than that? Here’s a thought, give us something original.

The new female lead Nakari Kelen,was superb! Her personality was kick ass, her wit was great, and her drive to help out the cause was excellent. I think they could have used her far further. I believe she could have contributed a great deal more and could have been a great addition to the future franchise.

Ok, here’s my overall assessment. The story was far too rushed. I’ve read endings or stories that were a little rushed but they were still good or even ok. But this, far too rushed. I don’t believe the author captured the essence of Luke Skywalker. He had a general concept of Luke, but I feel he never really had a grasp of who he really was. Granted, the character himself is finding his own path right now, but it’s like the author wasn’t clued into the future story ark of Luke Skywalker. Umm hello…. Watch the movies, lol!

Dialogue between some of the characters was a little poor at times, but overall it was good. I may be throwing a bone to the author on that one.

And finally, the story line was painfully predictable. I found myself guessing at what was going to happen with little to no ease. His use of foreshadowing was obvious. I can’t give you a precise example without ruining the story of course, but trust me. You just know certain things are going to happen because he says it several times before they do.

Now, I will recommend this book for a couple of reasons. Yes, I know, it sounds crazy, but I’m still throwing out a recommendation here. There is a small amount of story line information that can be propelled forward to future books and there’s also some area’s that can tie into the future movies. You’ll have to go through the painful experience I went through in reading the book to see which and where. Also, I feel this might be a decent starting point for any new Star Wars reader or better yet, young readers out there. For all of you old hardcore Star Wars bookworms…… this one sucks and yet it you’ll still want to read it. I am willing to give this book to anyone who asks for it, lol.

As always, please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Cheers to you all!

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  1. “get ready…….. It sucked! There ya have it, the level of disappointment I have for this book is unreal.” I guess they can’t be all that good. I am looking forward to Aftermath and the Battlefront tie-in. Thanks for the review and I know where to spend my money.

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