Convention Connection: #D23 Day 1 stream of Disney Infinity

Panels and Presentations 10am-1pm pst

Disney Infinity fans from all over the world will join forces for the ultimate Disney Infinity fan gathering! Toy Box Summit 2015 will dive deeper into the new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Toy Box, and Top Toy Box Artists from around the world will compete in the first ever Toy Box 3.0 building competition.

  • Disney Creative Minds Panel

What’s it like to work in a creative role with some of the most beloved brands and characters in the world? Creative minds from across the Walt Disney Company chat about their videogame development experiences and origins in the industry.

  • Joining Forces for 3.0 Panel

Disney Infinity joined forces with top notch videogame development studios to create Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Learn how each developer’s expertise played a unique role in the development of the upcoming Play Sets and Toy Box Expansion Games.

  • Spotlight on Toy Box 3.0 Presentation

Toy Box 3.0 shines with new and enhanced features, toys, and customizations. The innovative team behind the Toy Box is here to talk all about what’s new for 3.0. Plus, get an exclusive preview of the downloadable Toy Boxes that will be available at launch.

  • Toy Box Showdown LIVE with the Toy Box Mentors

The Toy Box Mentors face off in a live Toy Box 3.0 building showdown. A suggestion from the audience gets them started, and then the two teams are off and building!

  • Becoming a Toy Box Artist Panel

Twenty of the top Toy Box Artists from around the world have flown in to compete at Toy Box Summit. Hear from a few of them about their Disney Infinity journey, what inspires them in the Toy Box, and advice for players who are just starting to build in the Toy Box.

  • Starting Your Own Channel Panel

Want to start your own Disney Infinity gaming channel

or fansite, but not sure where to start? We turn it over to industry influencers to help you figure it all out. Hear from them on the best ways to use each platform, grow your audience, and have a lot of fun along the way.

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