Matter of Opinion Monday: Bizarro #1 DCYOU

Bizarro #1 by Heath Corson and art by Gustavo Duarte

Not ready Wasters? You Shouln’t be! I am not doing a review on the old comic Bizarro not written by Heath Corson!

Okay, Okay… I’m done speaking negatively… or in negatives… or using Bizarro speak.

I wanted to give you an idea of the fun that awaits as I take a look at Bizarro #1 in the new DC You line by DC comics! We first heard the announcement for the Bizarro mini series at Chicago’s version of Comic-Con [C2E2] a few months ago. Heath Corson announced this book with more excitement than a kid at Christmas, so get ready for a romp through the United States on our way to Bizarro America (Canada)!


For anyone familiar with Superman, a few villains that stand out in his mythos include Lex Luther, The New Gods of Apocalypse, Braniac, and of course his opposite: Bizarro! This title follows a very classic Superman villain, one who is a strange twisted version of Superman. In a recent issue we saw Bizarro in his home dimension in which the earth is square, and everyone reverses their speech the way I did earlier. Bizarro comes to our world and through his confusion and clumsiness causes a lot of problems while trying to be a hero.

We begin the six issue mini-series with the origin of a road trip, the origin of a chupacabra, and a practitioner of the ancient Egyptian religion.

Jimmy Olsen has been convinced by Clark Kent that Bizarro needs to be taken to Canada to be a super hero. This would get Bizarro out of “Superman’s” hair. Jimmy agrees to driving cross country with Bizarro in hopes of putting together a table book of pictures of this wonky adventure.

“We are Worst Friends Jimmy Olsen?” -Bizarro

In the confusion between the forward speaking Jimmy and the back-words Bizarro, they end up crashing their vehicle into a tree (or as Bizarro says “the tree ran into the car”). The only avenue they have to continue their trek across the U.S. is to visit the local car dealer “King Tut”.

THe King is a vivacious salesman and uses his worship of the ancient gods of Egypt in search for selling powers. Thankfully, Bizarro is not immune to his powers of salesmanship or even his puns regarding ancient egypt which will most likely be the avenue for his heroism in issue #2.

So what?

Well, dear reader, the best parts of this book are clearly in the humor. I wish I could express quickly what potential this series has, but you need to pick up a copy. I guarantee you will not stop laughing, but there are also two aspects that really made this book shine.

  1. As a humor book, it is easy to completely loose focus and not tell a story, but thankfully, despite the ridiculousness, Bizarro is being guided down a real story arc. Corson is doing a great job and the book is great for kids, so invest in this series if you have kids!
  2. The artwork is amazing! Gustavo Duarte gives such a fun animated feel, yet gets to show his real chops on a page where Bizarro has a “Bad Dream” which is good in his mind. The dream is frightening and haunting with the animated Bizarro Sleeping at the bottom of the page (See image to the side).

As Heath Corson explained in an interview on DC Comics: “I’ve always wanted to write comics. When I came up with the Bizarro pitch, it was the dead LAST idea of a list of like eight of them. Because I thought the idea was crazy enough to get a laugh but I never thought anyone at DC would be crazy enough to let me do it!

Turns out I was wrong. Happily so.”

Please take the time to read this great book, I know it will inspire you to finish this 6 issue arc. For $2.99 you can’t not go wrong!


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