Deep Thoughts: Happy Birthday Spider-man

Has someone or something in fiction ever truly inspired you? Most say Atticus Finch changed their lives, some look to Tyler Durden or Dr. House as someone who challenged their view of the world, and others can trace a keen desire to be a better person to characters like Andy Griffith or Mr. Brady.

These Characters are different for each person, but for so many of us comic geeks, one character inspired us not through heroism, but through struggle. Spider Man is now in his 53rd year, and while many things have changed, we wanted to pay homage to this character we have had the pleasure of growing up with. We saw a young hero with real problems become responsible for his girlfriend’s death due to a failure in judgement. We saw him fight his own demons along with his own professors, and with a huge stride in Comics… His marriage!

Below we have compiled a gallery of moments and cosplays centered around the spider slinging hero. From his introduction, to giving us the punisher, and even to getting married, Spiderman has been a fun way for us to learn lessons by living vicariously through a real person. Spider-woman, Miles Morales (think Donald Glover as Spider-Man), and other characters have added diversity to this mythos along with incorporating these great attributes to the entire Marvel Universe!

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