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Valiant Comics Shipping October 2015.


Written by Robert Venditti, art by Robert Gill, Doug Braithwaite, covers by Cary Nord, Mico Suayan, Marguerite Sauvage, Pere Perez, Paolo Rivera.

An evil Geomancer has torn the world asunder… The dark puppet master pulling the strings has been unmasked… And the Valiant Universe as we know it is being torn apart… The end is here!

Now, not even the combined might of the Valiant’s best and brightest can avert the coming apocalypse – not without a sacrifice, that is. Who will pay the ultimate price to avoid the Armageddon promised in the pages of the Book of the Geomancer? And how will it irrevocably change the course of Valiant Universe? All the answers are here in the climactic final chapter.

40 pages, $3.99.


Written by Robert Venditti, art by Clayton Henry, cover by Cary Nord, Stephen Segovia, Ryan Lee, Diego Bernard.

The Book of the Geomancer foretells of a deadly future for the Valiant Universe…but what if the future holds hope for one powerful hero? After hundreds of years in exile on an alien planet, Aric of Dacia has returned to an unfamiliar Earth, only to find a planet that doesn’t remember…or want him. Will Aric of Dacia finally find happiness in the aftermath of the apocalypse? Plus: the ultimate fate of the X-O Manowar armor revealed!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Juan JosÈ Ryp, cover by Juan Jose Ryp.

Anni’s final trial lays everything on the line…and the violent transformation it creates will determine the shape of the Valiant Universe forever! Anni, the first Geomancer, has lived countless centuries and shepherded the Earth and her people through upheaval and disaster. Now, generations upon generations later, she finally begins the twilight of her life. The secrets of the Geomancer will not die with Anni, and the Earth must not be left without her warrior.

24 pages, incentive.


Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Butch Guice, covers by Mico Suayan, Glenn Fabry, Trevor Hairsine, Dave Johnson, Kano.

As responsible as Ray Garrison feels for the violence unleashed by his old nanites, he finds himself with another more familiar and painful responsibility – the life of a woman he loves. How will Ray keep Magic safe, avoid the federal manhunt that’s closing in on him, and stop his impostor before they kill again?!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Matt Kindt, art by Stephen Segovia, Butch Guice, covers by Mico Suayan, Dave Johnson, Matt Kindt, Jason Latour.

“The Shadow Wars,” part 3. Ninjak face-to-face with the terrifying threat of…Fitzy! Ninjak goes toe-to-toe with the brains of the Shadow Seven operation: the deadly and very intelligent Fitzy. But as Colin King discovers he has much more in common with this group of thieves and murderers than he’d like, will he be able to hold onto his honor…and his sanity? Meanwhile, MI-6 makes their boldest move yet in the next blood-stained chapter of “The Shadow Wars!”

40 pages, $3.99.


Written by Joshua Dysart, art by CAFU, covers by Kano, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Juan Jose Ryp.

“The Vine Imperative,” part 1.Toyo Harada’s war to save humanity by taking over the world roars on against the only enemy this planet cannot contain…a sinisternetwork of undercover alien spies! A deadly chess game between Harada and the alien visitors called the Vine has been unfolding for decades. The Vine once even created the living weapon called LV-99 to assassinate their enemy, but failed. Today, as Harada executes his agenda upon Earthóand with LV-99 on his side this timeóthe Vine’s cold war finally turns infernally hot.

32 pages, $3.99.

RAI #11

Written by Matt Kindt, art by Clayton Crain, covers by Clayton Crain, Ryan Sook, Ryan Lee, Paul Maybury.

Kindt and Crain bring “The Orphan” to a brutal boiling point! Now that Rai’s allies back on New Japan have reunited, they must figure out a plan to retrieve their friend and topple Father’s rule once and for all. Meanwhile, Rai has his work cut out for him on Earth as his past sins come back to haunt him. Luckily for our hero, justice is Eternal…

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Robert Venditti, art by Rafa Sandoval, covers by Rafa Sandoval, Diego Bernard, Jefte Palo.

It’s X-O Manowar vs. G.A.T.E. as EXODUS continues to rip the Valiant Universe apart! With a conspiracy tearing the Vine and Humanity’s tenuous relationship apart, Aric of Dacia takes matters into his own hands to bring peace – but at a dire cost. But when you don’t know whom to trust, you must trust yourself. X-O Manowar makes the decision to save two worlds in “Exodus,” part 3.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by James Asmus, art by Diego Bernard, covers by Biliquis Evely, Jed Dougherty, Scot Eaton.

The Armor Hunters never leave a man behind! Deep under the mountains of the American Southwest, Quartz, of the Armor Hunters who attacked Earth, is keptsecure in government custody. Escape is impossible from the inside. But can the combined might of the U.S. armed forces, X-O Manowar, and Unity stop a jailbreak from the outside…when that attack is an all-out suicide strike by Unity’s giant killer robot GIN-GR?!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Pere Perez, covers by Raul Allen, Carolina Bonita Soler, Kevin Wada.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if dinosaurs ruled the Roman Empire? Well, you’re gonna find out! Ivar & Neela continue their pursuit of the Prometheans through time only to discover some, well, huge changes their machinations have made to history! Meanwhile, who is The Ractus?! And what does he have in store for Neela? All this and again…did we mention dinosaurs?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ales Kot, art by Adam Gorham, cover by Raul Allen

Four heroes. Four stories. One ticking clock. There is a secret black market in New York. It is hidden in plain sight – in our streets, trains, and restaurants. Those who know how to navigate it exchange secrets of extraordinary nature. But when the secret in circulation is a biological weapon derived from Vine technology, the gloves are off – and the most extraordinary agents are released to stop the disaster before it occurs. Otherwise, in less than thirty minutes, there will be no world to come back to. X-O Manowar, Archer, Neville Alcott, Detective Cejudo and Betamax are ready to save the world. Collecting Dead Drop #1-4.

112 pages, $9.99.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Francis Portela, cover by Raul Allen.

A little confused by time travel? Don’t worry, these guys don’t really understand it either. So they’re breaking history! With the universe on the brink of destruction, Ivar must turn to his closest relatives – Armstrong and Gilad Anni-Padda – to save Neela Sethi from the machinations of the Prometheans! The problem? These three guys couldn’t be further apart. Time doesn’t heal all wounds as the assault on Oblivi-1 begins! Collecting Ivar, Timewalker #5-8.

112 pages, $14.99.


Written by Barry Windsor-Smith, Bob Layton, Jim Shooter, Mike Baron, art by Barry Windsor-Smith, Mike Vosburg, cover by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Obadiah Archer, left for dead as a boy by his corrupt evangelist parents, has spent the last decade honing his innate abilities in a monastery deep in the mountains of Ladakh before emerging now as the world’s greatest hand-to-hand fighter and marksman. His body a temple, his every movement in harmony and his mind perfectly serene… except for the overriding desire to avenge his own murder. Armstrong is a 10,000-year-old libertine who may be as strong as a battalion, but abandoned idealism millennia ago. Now he spends his days drinking, carousing and telling tales of outrageous adventures throughout history to anyone who will listen – that is, when he’s not on the run from an ancient cult whose bumbling agents have been hunting him for two thousand years. But Armstrong counts as the worst day of all his days the one when Archer turned up and decided that they were partners – a team chosen by fate to save the world!

he groundbreaking adventures of the original conspiracy-smashing duo are brought together in their entirety for the very first time right here in this massive, oversized volume. Collecting Archer & Armstrong (1992) #0-26 and Eternal Warrior (1992) #25, Chaos Effect: Omega along with Archer & Armstrong: The Formation of The Sect.

736 pages, $99.99.


Written by Christopher Priest, art by M.D. Bright, cover by M.D. Bright.

The third volume of Quantum and Woody’s groundbreaking original series, collected in trade paperback for the very first time! An old enemy returned. An old friend dead at his hands. Once forced to be partners by the life changing accident that gave them their powers or dissipate forever if they didn’t “klang” their control bands together every 24 hours, Quantum and Woody now have an even more important reason to work together: payback. Suited up and armed to the teeth, they’re taking the war onto international arms dealer Terrence Magnum’s home turf. They aim to make him pay for the murder of Taylor 88, and to prove they’re the last things anyone ever thought they could be… Heroes. Collecting Quantum and Woody (1997) #14-21, and #32 along with rarely seen materials from Quantum and Woody: Magnum Force TP.

224 pages, $19.99.

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