TV Time: Warner Bros. Presents A Night of DC Entertainment ARROW Season 4

During the recent San Diego Comic Con International Saturday night was owned by DC Entertainment for the second time in two years.  Everyone attending the Warner Bros.Presents A Night of DC Entertainment was treated to news regarding Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham and Super-Girl.


The Night started with news and a panel from Arrow who is heading into its fourth season on the CW on Wednesday Nights and this is where we will focus.

ArrowDuring the introduction of the Panel we were visited by Stephen Amell dressed in the Arrow costume.  Once he arrived on stage you could see that his costume was an updated version.

CaptureSoon after this introduction Warner Bros. officially released this image.

CaptureStephen Amell also informed the crowd that he is no longer the Hood or the Arrow, but is now The Green Arrow and that we would see a character more like the comics than the brooding hero we have come to know on the show.  During the panel we were also informed that there will be many villains popping up including another Batman Villains known as Anarchy.  We will also be treated to Mr. Terrific.imagesAnarchy

Mister_Terrific_Michael_Holt_0001 Mr. Terrific.

One more piece of information was dropped and that is that David Ramsey who plays Diggle will receive a new costume.  It was explained that Diggle is now a family man and he needs to protect himself and will take the advise given by Oliver in season 3.  Looking at this costume one can suspect that Diggle will be The Guardian.

Capture imgres

Arrow will be back with season 4 in October


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