Casting Call: Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One-Darth Vader

News from Birth.Death.Movies is that Darth Vader will be in Star Wars: Rogue One, but he will not be the main antagonist. Vader is working behind the scenes and will appear on screen, but in a limited role and possibly via hologram or video screen much like Emperor Palpatine did in the original series.


No word on if Grand Moff Tarkin will make an appearance, but it does make sense if Tarkin is the commander of this fully operational space station.


Star Wars Rogue One is set before Star Wars: A New Hope where Rebels set out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star.  Star Wars: Rogue One is set to be released on December 16, 2016 and Directed by Gareth Edwards(Godzilla 2014)


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