The Toy Box- SDCC Convention Exclusive by Gentle Giant and Star Wars

Boba Fett returns to SDCC in the prototype mini bust by Gentle Giant. If you are not attending SDCC, you can pre-order the bust if you are member of the Premiere Guild at Gentle Giant, which does not make it an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con.


“The Empire Strikes Back has often been hailed by critics and fans as the best film in the Star Wars saga. What was it… The improved visual effects? A richer and more complex storyline? Who are we kidding, we know the real reason. It had Boba Fett!

The wily bounty hunter became an instant fan favorite with his innovations, ruthlessness, and sleek body armor. Here’s something that might surprise you: That armor used to be white. During a screen test in 1978, an early prototype of Fett can be seen wearing all-white armor over an off-white jump suit. This was rumored to be a “Super Stormtrooper” design that saw the character as having an elite, special forces background — better trained and equipped than regular stormtroopers.”


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