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Have you ever had an idea for a Lego set you wish you could build and share? Well Lego Idea is for you.  Lego Ideas, previously known as Lego Cuusoo, is a website started by Cuusoo and The Lego Group in 2008 which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets available commercially.

Users express their idea by combining a written description of the idea and a sample Lego model that demonstrates the concept into a project page. Once the page is published it is view-able to other users. The goal of every project is to be supported by 10,000 different users, which will then make the project eligible for production. The eligible projects are collectively reviewed in the order of whichever projects hit 10,000 supporters within any of the three tri-annual deadlines. If the product is cleared for production, it will be developed and later released as an official set under the “Lego Ideas” banner. Users that have their projects produced receive five copies of the final set, as well as a 1% royalty of the product’s net sales.  Since 2011 when the site was officially launched we have seen ten projects approved. These projects range from The Back to the Future Delorean, Ghostbusters-Ecto-1, The Big Band Theory’s apartment and in recent news Pixar’s Wall-E (Previous article Lego & Wall-E).


On a sad note we have seen many projects rejected such as the X-Men Mansion, The Winchester Pub from Shaun of the Dead, Serenity from Firefly and Ghostbusters HQ.  These projects were ones that were able to obtain the 10,000 votes need to move forward, but due to licencing issues were still rejected.

It is a great concept so lets see how it works.


So if you have an idea or just wish to participate in the voting process. Head over to


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