Trailer Nation: X-Wings

Disney and Pixar have created some fantastic movies over the years and the recent acquisition of Lucas Film with rights to such films as  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Willow what would happen if you combined the magic of Pixar and the popularity of Star Wars?.

Thanks to Big Bee Studios there is no need to wait.  Big Bee Studios and director Brian K. Anderson have brought us the amazing mash up of the Cars/Planes and Star Wars that we have been waiting for.  With the voice talents of Brian Ibbott (The Morning Stream, Coverville), Felicia Day (Geek & Sundry, The Guild), Veronica Belmont (Sword and Laser, Cnet ) and many more.  This April Fools joke is truly a masterpiece that hits all the Pixar tropes we have all come to enjoy and took 2500 hours to make.


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