Tech Time: This Is The Droid Your Looking For

Technology and Geekdom goes hand in hand so why not have a fridge that can bring you a drink while you sit and play the new Battlefront by EA.  Isn’t this what we have all envisioned? Droids are to be created to help and serve so why not bring me a drink.

Well it looks like R2-D2 will finally fulfill his role as he did on Jabba’s barge and deliver drinks.  In a recent announcement by Haier Asia Co., Ltd President Ito Yoshiaki introduced us to the Life Size R2-D2 mini fridge.

1280800059505419434President Yoshiaki

1280800059890301098The Fridge

ts_haier04Head will move

xmawugfxgdvzaqhsauqzThe Droid your looking for

Now of course pricing has not yet been set, but I am sure it will cost you a pretty penny and is set to be released in 2016. The R2 unit has a built-in battery and the motor, to move back and forth and left and right dedicated remote control  and to move it uses the built-in motor and battery. Step of the floor will be overcome if up to about 3 mm. Body size is 630 (width) × 940 (height) × 610 (depth) mm.Weight and is about 60 kilometers prospects.

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