Matter of Opinion Monday: The Muppets, the Supergirl, and the Angel from Hell

Three great shows you really need to see the previews for.
Three great shows you really need to see the previews for.

It’s time to put on music, Is it a bird? No… It’s three great shows! We are in a golden age of television for all of Nerd kind. We just saw Supernatural picked up for two more seasons, Flash, Arrow, and Agents of Shield are getting huge numbers, and Daredevil has brought so many viewers to Netflix! This era is only being enhanced by all the new titles coming out, and as a nerd site, we thought we would collect the three upcoming shows you need to catch from ABC and CBS. We have a fun re-make, a great comic book adaptation, and a new comedy that will hit the same vain as Scrubs if it catches its viewership.

The Muppets on ABC

Up First, it’s time to put on music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to go backstage on the MuppetsThursday nights.

The Muppets is coming to ABC at 8/7 central on Thursday nights!
The Muppets is coming to ABC at 8/7 central on Thursday nights!

Yes, the lovable Muppets have been revived by the Disney conglomerate! We Muppet fans were all in such joy as we saw the last two movies, and the things which we have all loved about the new takes on this series have clearly been in the way the Muppets approach every day life. This new series will mirror this with a Mockumentary style much like the beloved show “The Office”.

From sitting in traffic to romantic entanglements by Fozy the bear, the Muppets are making great headway in their marketing  to an adult audience as you can see in the video below.

Supergirl on CBS

And now to the reason we started Matter of Opinion Mondays: Comic Bookery!

Supergirl airs this fall on CBS with Characters such as Kat Grant, Jimmy Olsen, and of course... Kara Zor-el (Supergirl)
Supergirl airs this fall on CBS with Characters such as Kat Grant, Jimmy Olsen, and of course… Kara Zor-el (Supergirl)

It is amazing that in a few years we have seen the arrival of not only Green Arrow, but the Flash, Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Teen titans, and more shows focusing on superheroes. While Gotham is focusing on a major player in the DCU, no one could have predicted CBS’s full embrace of the Superman mythology. This new prime time show will be the actual story of  Supergirl in a new context. This is no Smallville, the symbol will be on the shirt part of her costume, we meet a new rendition of Kara!

We here at Constant Collectible are dying for more than we are hearing about the show. See the video below for the pilot, but we do have some bad news… It’s a crime show. We do have confirmation that she will be donning the Super suit, but we are disappointed in this turn of events. as a crime procedural, Supergirl may tint away from super heroics.

I for one am excited about this perspective though. We are dealing with an invincible alien from another planet. Superman and Supergirl as characters hold one issue for me that you should expect. There is no real drama in most stories they participate in. Massive battles of fictional force ruin story for me. These battles are exciting plot points but should not be the climax of each episode. I am optimistic that this embrace of crime solving will give this show a real structure.

Supergirl in this show also works for Kat Grant a major staple in DC comics as a journalist. Kara will be a journalist and a crime solver. Her crime solving antics as well as her journalism could help this show avoid the relationship heavy focus we saw in the early new 52 books of Supergirl.

Angel From Hell on CBS

And out of Left Field… Angel from Hell.

Angel from Hell coming this fall!
Angel from Hell coming this fall!

Wow, what a surprise. Angel from Hell boasts an amazingly funny trailer showing the actions of a guardian angel in the life of her protectorate. Everything in this trailer made me smile. I love the idea, the introduction, and even the casting.

With Supergirl being cast with an actress from Glee, it only seems right to address the new show for Glee’s actress Jane Lynch. Below is the new trailer for this series.

Our most prevalent concern will be that this series is less Bill and Ted, and more Dawson’s creek. For the two audiences who didn’t get those references, this is going to be a whole lot of fun if they stay super weird!

Johnny Savage, Content enthusiast.

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