On Screen: Transformers and Spin-Offs

Paramount pictures has decided that they would like to continue to move forward with their expanded movie universe and has decided to bring in a few heavy hitters.

Back in March Paramount Pictures announced their intentions to expand the transformers Cinematic Universe and do some spin offs and sequels to the Michael Bay Summer blockbusters.  Deadline is now reporting that they have added the following writers to the mix and it looks good.

Now it makes sense that Paramount would want to move forward. If we look at the box office numbers This franchise makes money regardless if the movie is any good.

Release Date:       Movie                                     Budget                   Domestic Box Office

July 2007               Transformers                        $151,000,000       $319,246,193

June 2009             Revenge of the Fallen         $210,000,000       $402,111,872

June 2011             Dark of the Moon                $195,000,000       $352,390,543

June 2014             Age of Extinction                  $210,000,000       $$245,439,076


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