Matter of Opinion Monday: Marvel’s Avengers 2 and the cast of ragtag heroes

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So, it’s Tuesday. Did you see the title? No that is not an ironic joke, this is my Monday post. Let me just say that finals week is a real killer for online classes and I was unwise with my time this past few days, but as promised, we have for you a “Matter of Opinion”, it just is not on Monday. We will be going over the new movie Age of Ultron to outline the things you most likely missed as a non-comic book geek to make sure you are prepared for the future!

Age of Ultron is our topic this week, so please refer to the image below. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE! No mean fan mail if you have not read, I put this image for a reason:


The avengers are back!

They have returned and they hit the ground running. You will receive an amazing treat of cinematic proportions, but what does this movie mean for the Marvel universe, and what did you miss as a non-comic book geek?

The amazing scenes of Bruce and Natasha falling in love, the amazing dad that Hawkeye is (Canon from the comics universe), and more make this movie even more human than the last. The team dynamic they have built is insatiable, and the villain is one of a kind. This movie really does stand on its own, but below I have listed a few things that made my heart flutter as a comic book geek. I am sure some people are crowding the internet with all of the Easter Eggs about the movie, but I wanted to give a context for the few important ones that might mean something in the future.

They went to an arms dealer who stole from the nation of Wakanda
They went to an arms dealer who stole from the nation of Wakanda!

The avengers travel to Africa to deal with Ultron stealing Vibrabium from Ulysses Klaue. This villain is nicknamed Klaw in the Black Panther Comics and indicates a huge Easter egg for us Black Panther fans.

Black Panther is the King of a nation (just south of Sudan according to maps we have seen in the movies) in Africa that has the gift of alien technology. I like to call Black Panther the Aquaman of the Marvel universe in that he is the prince who does not hold royalty something to be envied, but I have always considered him to be a good leader. If we avoid the “Ultimate” Marvel universe, his reign is usually successful even in strange circumstances. He is a university educated man who learned in the States and England and has mastered every form of combat. His tactician skills and superhuman powers (Given by a tradition of kingship in Wakanda) are that of a sensory enhanced Captain America.

The cattle brand for stealing on Ulysses in this movie is from the event in which he entered Wakanda and stole vibranium (Cap’s Shield). This small nod is the first indication of the upcoming film featuring this wonderful Marvel Character.

Cover for Planet Hulk animated soundrack
Cover for Planet Hulk animated soundtrack

Did you notice Hulk look into space? So did we! Hulk seems to have turned off his communicator and left the building. We hope this means he is gearing up to leave the planet. In our favorite comic arc of Hulk, he heads into space where a planet needs saving from a manipulative and weak ruler. Hulk is captured in a weakened state and winds up a gladiator in  massive gladiatorial games. He eventually becomes king of the planet and finds love. If we are to see this happen in film, it would make everything they have done with Hulk and Black Widow really pay off. Hulk has learned to calm down… now make him a King!

The film might be in the early satages, and Mark Ruffalo said in an interview with Collider that he has not heard otherwise, so it is not off of the table!

Pietro and Wanda are the children of Magneto in the comic books!
Pietro and Wanda are the children of Magneto in the comic books!

Yes, the twins are Magneto’s children in the comic books. This is why the writers made an essential plot point in which they are not “good guys” at the beginning of the film. Their transition from followers to free thinking adults is attained with Ultron at the head in the movie, but the reason this was required is all politics. Marvel does not own the movie rights to Magneto, so they found a way around.

The loss of her brother (I told you there are spoilers) will help Wanda and Vision become an item. This love story and confusing attraction is an essential part of Avengers history and as Vision saved Wanda in the final battle, we see a slight grin out of him. I hope this comes to pass because the android trying to justify his feelings always makes for great story telling.

Did you notice that yellow stone on vision's head?
Did you notice that yellow stone on vision’s head?

Oh boy, if you have not noticed the tesseract, the mind stone, the death stone, or the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy you have not been paying attention. Thanos will be attempting to fuse these powerful stones that summarize the energy in the entire universe by the 3rd Avengers film. This means the yellow stone that seems to give vision his transcendental powers might be stolen! If he and Wanda fall in love, this could lead to him maybe even dying, and what a great motivator that would be for her. At this point any speculation might be fruitless, but I am so excited to see how Vision will fit in with the Infinity Gauntlet movie!

We hope you enjoyed the film and we hope to see you at the next ones!

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