Convention Connection: Marvel Announcements at C2E2

Chip Zdarsky is seen here hamming it up just like on the C2E2 stage.

If you are a Marvel Comics fan, you are sitting on the edge of your seat just like I am in anticipation of the Secret Wars. All of Marvel’s publications are soon to be taking place on a planet called Battleworld. C2E2 was the place where all of the announcements took shape for what all of this change means.

The first few announcements were really just perspective on the most recently solicited comic books including the new Star Wars lines. We herd tale of Daredevil’s new costume, what was happening with Howard the Duck, and what the new issues of many books would look like. Saturday was quite fun and Chip Zdarsky (Howard the Duck) was the life of the party. Every question by the audience led to a truly hilarious intervention by Chip. One fan’s question was even to hug Chip (the embrace consisted of the fan running and jumping into Chips arms which landed both of them on the ground).

All of the silliness aside on Saturday, we went into Sunday expecting more fun, but the title of the Marvel Panel was “Marvel Secret Wars: Battleworld, the Future of the Marvel Universe”. The expectations were high, and we were not disappointed with the news. Battleworld was fully explained as a single planet that exists in the nothing of space. All other dimensions are gone, and all that remains is this planet where each continent houses a what-if story. We heard hints that the continents would find out about eachother throughout the multiple month special.

Below is the list of titles and a quick summary of what excited us the most!

Tony Stark in Marvel’s 1872. Marvel’s secret wars is giving way to a lot of really creative worlds n “Battleworld” including 1872, an old west version of the Marvel Universe.


What a great piece! We saw the many characters of the Marvel Universe re-imagined in the 1800’s. We pressed the panel really hard with our questions about who we might see, but all we were made aware of was Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, The Kingpin, and a vague mention of a street level character who is very popular right now (We are thinking daredevil, but that is all speculation).

Peter and Mary Jane Parker with their daughter on the cover of “Renew Your Vows”

Spider Man, Renew Your Vows:

As a father and husband, I am so excited to see a book with Peter being married! The panel told us that this Spiderman may be the most dangerous as he has something to fight for. Mary Jane will see Peter go too far and use the black suit again as he will do anything to protect the family he loves.

That is not Howard the Duck, you are looking at Howard the Human!

Howard the Human:

We love Howard. Maybe not the movie, but the books have been hilarious. With Chip (fore mentioned comedy god) on helm, Howard the Human will be the opposite of Howard the Duck. A human by the name of Howard winds up being trapped in Duck City as he has to be a detective and hero in a world that is not his own, he runs into danger and humor!

Want the scoop on any other books?

These were not the only titles announces, but they caught our eye as unique. Please let us know if you are excited about any of the titles announced and we will give you the scoop on what was said! Keep an eye open for the DC comics panel, we saw some great announcements about the future of the Harley Quin line and so much more!