Matter of Opinion Monday: Too Much Good Stuff C2E2 Review

A train, a bus, and a walk next to a real life Urukai (sword in hand), led me to the glory that was Chicago’s largest comic-con Main signlike event. I knew the artists and writers I wanted to meet, I knew the panels I wanted to see, but I could never have guessed the amount of reveals I would be receiving from the creative staffs. DC, Marvel, Funimation, and more came and presented really great content. We have news on Secret Wars, news on the fun DC books, and more. This week we will be trickling out summaries of what occurred in a limited posting series called “C2E2 Week of Wonder”.

My thought for today though is on the convention itself. Every artist and writer there seemed to be there for the fans. I was able to connect with Reilly Brown (Deadpool, Lobo) and talk to the author of Write or Wrong. The vendors were there for fans, the fans for the vendors, This felt a whole lot different than Comic Con.

Everybody here was so friendly and the Marvel panels had such a family vibe. As you read my reviews of the events this week, just notice the way people interacted with the panels and exhibitors. Below is a picture I got to take with Amanda Connor and Jim Palmiotti. Just look at their faces, they were total goofballs and had fun with the fans. I highly recommend going to this con, I learned a lot about the industry, something I really could not say about the fan-fair cons that are packed to the brim.

Johnny Savage- Convention artist

Amanda Conner Jim Palmiotti


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