Deep Thoughts: How to Get a Job in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a job in Hollywood?

Let me introduce you to Stanley Martin Lieber. Stanley was born in Manhattan, New York City, New York in in 1922. Stanley  is a child of the depression and lived in an age where everyone struggled to make ends meet.  Now just like you and me Stanley has had a few jobs.  Stanley is a very creative man who likes to write and create fantastic characters for his stories.  Stanley has served in the military he has been an intern for a big company and has gone on to do many things such as publish a few books.  What he is most proud of is his new career move. In 2000 Stanley began a new career in doing cameos in movies and has done several movies since then.  Sounds great right? Well Stanley has decided to help you get a job in Hollywood and make cameos.  So if this is something you have been asking yourself, this is for you.

May I introduce you to Stan “The Man” Lee and his school of cameo acting

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