Trailer Nation: Tomorrowland Trailer 3

On July 17, 1955 a world like no other was opened up to the public that to this day still entertains billions of people who walk through its gates. DIsneyland was introduced to us by Walt Disney. Within Disneyland there are five amazing lands and one of the five original lands known as Tomorrowland is where our story begins.  “Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come. The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future.” Walt Disney.

On May  22, 2015 we will be introduced to what Walt might have envisioned Tomorrowland to become.  With the help of director Brad Bird (The incredibles) written by Damon Lindelof (Lost) and Brad Bird (The Incredibles). Starring Britt RobertsonGeorge Clooney, and Hugh Laurie.  Tomorrowland follows the adventure of a teen consumed with scientific curiosity along with a recluse and paranoid former boy-genius who are bound by a shared destiny and embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of Tomorrowland.

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