Convention Connection: Chicago goes comicrazy! Chicago has their own version of Comic-Con, and it is called C2E2: Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo

C2E2, does it really matter?
We are heading to C2E2! The festivities begin 4/24 at 11:00.
We are heading to C2E2! The festivities begin 4/24 at 11:00.

Oh boy, here it comes! the herd of lovable nerds returns once again to the windy city to display how awesome our hobbies are! And look at you sitting there in your computer chair… judging me. Okay, so this won’t be the funfair and fandom that is Comic-Con, but to me, C2E2 will be so much more.

I want you to take a look at the panels announced to be held in these sacred halls (Click here). We are expecting a lot of talent to be there from the prolific writer of Secret six: Gail Simone joining the panel on Comic Book Secrets (Click here for more) to the famous David Ramsey signing autographs (aka John Diggle of the Arrow TV show). Of course all of these pail in comparison to the signatures promised by the Superb Stan Lee!

These famous nerd conduits aside, and negating the Game of Thrones cast doing a panel, we have huge news being announced. While Comic-Con is where we learn about movies and TV shows, it is here in the land of deep dish that we will get the dish on comic books. I am most excited that we finally are getting word of what Marvel and DC are doing with their universes.

Most of you may not be aware of the massive changes occurring in the fictional universes owned by DC and Marvel, but they are massive. I wrote a bit about the topic in my analysis of DC Comic’s New 52 line of books, and you may have seen “Secret Wars” events plastered on every piece of Disney owned comic book merchandise in the past 6 months. These are harbingers of change, and if anything gets a geek groaning, it is change.

Marvel's image announcing Secret Wars reveals at C2E2.
Marvel’s image announcing Secret Wars reveals at C2E2.

Marvel is re-booting their entire universe, and this change will be happening in a massive arena called either battle-world or the secret wars Plataea (certain announcements of these changes have been contradictory). We hope to see not only what this means for the publishing house, but also for the fictional universe. I have seen wild speculation that this is the attempt by Marvel to create a universe without Mutants, basically starting a movie universe in the comic books. This might booster sales and could encourage the building of the inhumans (like mutants, but cosmic). I for one am not going to say I know what the new universe is going to look like until it happens. This Convention will have announcements regarding all of this so stay tuned (we will post more on Sunday!).

Marvel is doing this great upheaval at the same as DC is allowing their writers to be free. DC is creating an event called Convergence in which multiple continuities are being spliced together. Pre-2011 comic characters and stories will be wound with the newer renditions. I am quite excited for DC comics to make all of their announcements this weekend because we may be entering a world where DC allows their creators to do new things. We know that they are now contracting books for entire runs instead of only publishing as readers are buying. Whatever DC says in the panel on Saturday could be the greatest change to comics in the history of the industry. Am I too excited? Maybe…. Is this a big change? Definitely!

In any case, Constant Collectible will be there to witness these momentous announcements and see all of the crazy costumes, great celebrities, and exciting panels to let you know what this convention is really like!

We hope to see you there collectors!

Johnny Savage- Way too excited content enthusiast.

See you there!
See you there!

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