Game Day: Finish Him!

The phrase Finish Him is widely known from one game: Mortal Kombat. This week Mortal Kombat X just released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 and will be later released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in June. Diving straight into Mortal Kombat’s story mode. From the previous Mortal Kombat 9, the story seems more defined and graphically intense. The graphics of this game are incredible. The way that the injuries look during and after the fight look real. During the fight as well, you’ll notice that your character is actually sweating and receiving abrasions on their skin. The surroundings are also incredible, the architecture and people look just as if you were to visit them. Not only were the graphics updated in MKX, but the interactions between the various fight venues have been improved. They added the fact of throwing innocent bystanders at your opponent. These improvements have made fro one heck of a battleground. Now onto the story. The story itself is easy to follow but yet it is intriguing enough to keep you interested to where you want to keep playing. The story line is divided up into chapters to where you can experience each individual character’s role in the story and it also gives some back story so you know where some characters are coming from. The story is somewhat long, but yet still short enough to enjoy and feel accomplished after beating it. After playing the story, you think to yourself,”Now what do I do?” There are quite a few things to do even after the story. The new feature that they added into the Mortal Kombat franchise is being to choose to be a part of a faction. There are several factions that are included in the story line include the Lin Kuei, Shirai Ryu, Elder Gods, etc. By joining the faction, you then are introduced into faction wars, invasions, and special fight towers. The faction wars are, just as they sound, is a war between all of the factions. The invasions are having bosses invade the realm, and by defeating them you receive awards and experience for your faction. There are also invasion fight towers, where they have a select few fighters to fight for experience for your faction as well. The fight towers are back from the previous games in the franchise. The same concept applies to where you fight a series of opponents to reach the top of the tower and conquer the tower boss for rewards. The online play is simple as always, you choose your fighter and you can either choose to fight a private, public or ranked match. Mortal Kombat’s improvements in graphics, gameplay, story and having high replay value this game is worth the $60 price point and worth picking up and giving a try.                             Mortal Kombat

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