Convention Connection: Star Wars Celebration-The Force Awakens Panel Live

Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Panel Live-stream From Star Wars Celebration


  1. This was so awesome to watch. I love that BB8 is an actual working robot!! That really did it for me. When I heard J. J was making Episode VII all I thought was “He had better bring it back to basics and create by hand as much as possible. Lucas lost his touch when he made every inch of the movies CG.” And as far as I can see, this movie is going to blow fans out of the water. SO excited!

    1. Rae, I could not agree with you more. To bring back how things were originally done will let us feel how we did seeing episode VI, V and VI. This trailer has me pumped and ready to bing watch the original films.

    2. Going back to the Muppet movement is great. I agree that the CGI and his direction towards his actors really caused Episode 1-3 to fall short and could have been really good, but he has not released control and things are looking up.


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